Yesterday's Best
Service Units
Johnny Banks +514.0
Timothy Black +378.0
Bill O'Brien +364.0
Mr. East +355.0
Bobby Conn +331.0
This Week's Best
Service Units
Mr. East +2089.0
Info Plays +1451.0
Johnny Banks +1269.0
Rob Vinciletti +1067.0
Bill O'Brien +1032.0
Best This Month
Service Units
Mr. East +4416.0
Bobby Conn +3389.0
Johnny Banks +2443.0
Info Plays +2386.0
Kevin Thomas +1893.0
Overall Leaders
Service Units
Rocky Sheridan +4954.0
R&R Totals +3430.0
GamePlan +3282.0
Stephen Nover +3168.0
Info Plays +3065.0
NBA Leaders
Service Units
Alex Smart +3378.0
Stephen Nover +2887.0
Rocky's Lock Club +1754.0
Johnny Wynn +1523.0
Michael Alexander +1382.0
College Basketball Leaders
Service Units
R&R Totals +2348.0
Jesse Schule +1629.0
Stephen Nover +1348.0
Patrick Webb +1210.0
Ray Monohan +1207.0
NFL Leaders
Service Units
Jeff Alexander +2325.0
Jeff Hochman +1806.0
Scott Rickenbach +1675.0
Rob Vinciletti +1621.0
Bill Biles +1404.0
College Football Leaders
Service Units
Rob Vinciletti +2610.0
Brandon Shively +2551.0
Alex Smart +2222.0
Jack Jones +2175.0
Patrick Webb +2138.0
MLB Leaders
Service Units
GamePlan +4405.0
Mr. East +3170.0
Rocky Sheridan +3102.0
Johnny Banks +3067.0
R&R Totals +2701.0
Pre-Season NFL Leaders
Service Units
Michael Alexander +976.0
Lee Williams +956.0
Art Aronson +705.0
Tony George +560.0
Kevin Thomas +470.0
NHL Leaders
Service Units
Rocky Sheridan +3160.0
Sean Higgs +3116.0
Ross Benjamin +1888.0
Doug Upstone +1579.0
Vernon Croy +1542.0
Best Last 60 Days
Service Units
Mr. East +4343.0
Rocky Sheridan +3250.0
Tony Bucca +2816.0
Bobby Conn +2636.0
Johnny Banks +2536.0

Latest Articles

Royals pitching gets Boost with Cueto

By Glenn Andrew | Posted on July 27, 2015

The Kansas City Royals pitching staff just got a huge boost with the addition of Johnny Cueto prior to the trade deadline. Baseball experts had high expectations for this squad following their World Series appearance last year, but no one anticipated them being 21 games over .500 with a 7.5 game lead in the American League Central this late into the season. KC has one of the top rated offenses in the league and have talented bats at nearly every position. However, they’re pitching staff has been thin all year long, especially with their starters, but somehow they’ve managed to do enough to win ball games. Edinson Volquez has been the only noteworthy starter on the staff. His 9-5 record and 3.15 earned run average are enough to consider him a true number one, yet you’ll never hear anyone... 

Pirates rely on Pitching against Nats

By Glenn Andrew | Posted on July 25, 2015

After a slow start, the Pittsburgh Pirates have fought their way back into the National League Central. St Louis was the favorite to win the division based on baseball predictions made in the preseason, and it certainly looked like they’d run away with it for a while. However, after what was a poor first 40 games (18-22), the Pirates have gone 36-18 and are within striking distance. They will need to get on a bit of a role again after dropping 5 of their first 6 after the break, but they certainly have the talent to do it. A 4 game series against the Washington Nationals may not be what they wanted to get on a winning streak again, yet a test like this might be what they really need to test their toughness. They have the same business model as the Cardinals, but don’t quite execute it at... 

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