Yesterday's Best
Service Units
Chase Diamond +500.0
Ben Burns +472.0
Lee Williams +389.0
Ross Benjamin +306.0
Bobby Conn +300.0
This Week's Best
Service Units
Ben Burns +1950.0
Chip Chirimbes +1018.0
Carolina Sports +926.0
GamePlan +901.0
Vic Duke +770.0
Best This Month
Service Units
Stephen Nover +1663.0
Ben Burns +1645.0
Brandon Shively +1580.0
Matt Fargo +1577.0
Tony Karpinski +1559.0
Overall Leaders
Service Units
Rob Vinciletti +2690.0
Stephen Nover +2276.0
Chip Chirimbes +2100.0
Tony George +2094.0
Bobby Conn +1824.0
NBA Leaders
Service Units
Rocky's Lock Club +2268.0
Will Rogers +2146.0
Chip Chirimbes +1524.0
Rocky Sheridan +1370.0
Mr. East +1335.0
College Basketball Leaders
Service Units
Bob Harvey +2568.0
Chip Chirimbes +2381.0
Steve Merril +1554.0
Sean Higgs +1504.0
Dennis Macklin +1502.0
NFL Leaders
Service Units
Rob Vinciletti +1590.0
Tony George +1440.0
Ben Burns +1400.0
Matt Fargo +1215.0
Rocky Sheridan +1190.0
College Football Leaders
Service Units
Rocky Sheridan +3333.0
Tony Karpinski +2967.0
GamePlan +1959.0
Andre Ramirez +1415.0
Will Rogers +1402.0
MLB Leaders
Service Units
GamePlan +7028.0
Bobby Conn +4380.0
Info Plays +4216.0
R&R Totals +3735.0
Bill O'Brien +3447.0
Pre-Season NFL Leaders
Service Units
Lee Williams +850.0
Will Rogers +650.0
Jimmy Boyd +589.0
John Ryan +588.0
Matt Fargo +530.0
NHL Leaders
Service Units
Sean Higgs +1370.0
Lee Williams +1112.0
Rob Vinciletti +747.0
Ben Burns +726.0
Steve Rosen +688.0
Best Last 60 Days
Service Units
Rob Vinciletti +3576.0
Tony Karpinski +2903.0
Matt Fargo +2486.0
Scott Spreitzer +2247.0
Nick Parsons +2154.0

Latest Articles

Wildcats seek Revenge Friday Night

By Glenn Andrew | Posted on February 12, 2016

With less than a month a few than 8 games remaining in the PAC-10 regular season, things are tightening up. The Oregon Ducks are widely considered as the best team in the conference by college basketball experts, but if they slip in any way down the stretch they could find themselves looking up to several other teams that are nipping at their heels. One of those teams is the Arizona Wildcats, who were considered to be the cream of the crop when the year began as they were ranked 12th in the AP Poll. There might be 5 losses on the ‘Cats resume’, but all of them were against well above average teams. With USC and Utah receiving attention throughout the year, Arizona has gone relatively unnoticed. They’ll have their chance to get back on the map over the next few weeks, and it all starts... 

Aggies face another tough test Wednesday Night

By Glenn Andrew | Posted on February 10, 2016

It’s crazy how much can happen in 2 weeks during a college basketball season. The Texas A&M Aggies had clawed their way into the top 5 with a remarkable and unforeseen 17-2, and were on the cusp of potentially retaining a number 1 seen for the NCAA Tournament in March. Things are a little different now as the Aggies have dropped 3 of their last 4 and 2 consecutive to fall back to 15th. Basketball experts didn’t anticipate too much from this squad in terms of winning the SEC Conference against the likes of LSU, South Carolina and especially Kentucky, but they’ve turned some heads with their consistency and level of productivity on both ends of the court. They’re currently projected to be a 3 seed if the brackets were to come out today, and I’m sure that would be fine for Billy... 

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