Yesterday's Best
Service Units
Mr. East +434.0
Timothy Black +330.0
Johnny Wynn +211.0
Bobby Conn +209.0
Aaron Toller +200.0
This Week's Best
Service Units
Timothy Black +797.0
Johnny Wynn +745.0
Tony Karpinski +602.0
Tony Bucca +591.0
Kyle Hunter +578.0
Best This Month
Service Units
Timothy Black +2850.0
Art Aronson +1789.0
Johnny Wynn +1613.0
Rob Vinciletti +1542.0
Kyle Hunter +1540.0
Overall Leaders
Service Units
Rob Vinciletti +7158.0
Bobby Conn +4815.0
Jeff Alexander +4748.0
Steve Janus +4402.0
GamePlan +3994.0
NBA Leaders
Service Units
Jeff Alexander +4881.0
Bobby Conn +2395.0
Matt Fargo +2206.0
Rocky's Lock Club +2179.0
Chip Chirimbes +2163.0
College Basketball Leaders
Service Units
Dennis Macklin +2793.0
Matt Fargo +2726.0
Rob Vinciletti +2235.0
Ray Monohan +2161.0
Jesse Schule +2030.0
NFL Leaders
Service Units
Rob Vinciletti +1590.0
Tony George +1440.0
Ben Burns +1400.0
Matt Fargo +1215.0
Rocky Sheridan +1190.0
College Football Leaders
Service Units
Rocky Sheridan +3333.0
Tony Karpinski +2967.0
GamePlan +1959.0
Andre Ramirez +1415.0
Will Rogers +1402.0
MLB Leaders
Service Units
Johnny Wynn +4099.0
Timothy Black +3897.0
Rob Vinciletti +2738.0
Art Aronson +2585.0
Jim Feist +2321.0
Pre-Season NFL Leaders
Service Units
Lee Williams +850.0
Will Rogers +650.0
Jimmy Boyd +589.0
John Ryan +588.0
Matt Fargo +530.0
NHL Leaders
Service Units
Doc's Sports +2383.0
Ben Burns +1721.0
Rocky's Lock Club +1382.0
Jeff Hochman +1231.0
Rob Vinciletti +687.0
Best Last 60 Days
Service Units
Timothy Black +3051.0
Art Aronson +2183.0
Rob Vinciletti +2062.0
Jeff Alexander +1942.0
Jim Feist +1913.0

Latest Articles

Strasburg looks to remain undefeated against Dodgers

By Glenn Andrew | Posted on July 21, 2016

It’s hard to believe that a player that was as highly touted as Stephen Strasburg has actually flown under the radar for so long. He came into the league with more anticipation than any pitcher had in 20+ years, and somehow he managed to live up to the hype. Baseball experts expected him to completely dominate batters with his wide variety of “plus pitches”, yet injuries have slowed him down to the point where he hadn’t been in the discussion of best pitchers in the game for several years. That can no longer be said as he’s started his 2016 campaign with 13 wins and no losses. He’ll look to add to that remarkable record Thursday night when he faces Los Angeles Dodgers at Nationals Park. Strasburg has everything a team could’ve hoped for coming out of San Diego St. Size (6’4”... 

Boston looks for Sweep in Bronx

By Glenn Andrew | Posted on July 17, 2016

There hasn’t been much of a rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and New York Yankees this year. Boston has taken 6 of the first 8 meeting thus far, and are poised to make it another sweep Sunday night as they send their “Ace” David Price to the mound in New York. MLB experts didn’t give the Bombers much of a chance this season as they don’t have a clear-cut superstar on the roster, and have several veterans that are well past their prime. It is yet to be seen whether or not the Yankees will be sellers or buyers before the trade deadline, but tonight’s outcome has the potential to swing them one way or the other. David Ortiz is having one of his most productive seasons at the age of 40. New York has a hard time even keeping their older players on the field. Carlos Beltran has been... 

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